Using a mouse with the iPad

iPadOS 13 has now been around for a while and I would like to share my experience with one of the most anticipated features; mouse support!

Despite being presented as an accessibility feature (via “Assistive Touch” in settings), it does have the potential of further empowering all users.

Once I installed iPadOS 13, I experimented successfully with a wired mouse (using a USB to USB-C adapter). Not only did it work flawlessly, it has created a notable “wow” effect on me and my kids!

So, the feature is cool, but how useful is it at the day-to-day level?

Currently, there is one use scenario in which a mouse is particularly useful for me, which is when preparing for teaching my university classes.

One of the steps I go through in preparation for individual classes is to review and align the slides, slide notes, and teaching material (web links, examples, book pages, etc.)

To do that, I need to use the iPad Pro, a bluetooth keyboard, and the textbook. One issue I have had with this setup was where to place the iPad in respect to the textbook and the keyboard. I needed the textbook in a comfortable viewing distance, but I also needed the iPad close by to interact with it. The most used arrangement was to have the iPad and textbook side by side (towards both front sides of the keyboard). It worked ok, but there was still some friction to the workflow.

Now, with iPadOS 13 and mouse support, I found a more optimized set-up.

In this setup, I have the bluetooth keyboard close to me, and the textbook above it. The iPad, in turn, is placed above the textbook. I could comfortably type and view the textbook, while easily interacting with the iPad via a wireless mouse from Microsoft.

This use scenario is applied frequently during the week. It helps in making my teaching workflow more efficient, while also adding an extra dose of enjoyment to the process!

If you are an educator, try this out and tell me how it goes. If not, under which use scenarios you find the iPad mouse support most useful for you?



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