iPad in Desktop Mode

What and why? As a university educator, preparing for classes is part of the day-to-day job. This is usually composed of reviewing the class plan, the lecture topic details, corresponding slides (content, notes), and additional resources (mainly photos, web links, and PDF documents). As the iPad has become my main computing device, I have experimented … Continue reading iPad in Desktop Mode

Apple Pencil for the Non-Artist

Some iPad owners I know are not completely sold on the idea of getting the Apple Pencil. When we have a discussion about it, they usually say that they don't need it because they are not drawing artists. This is an interesting argument that seems to be a common perception. In fact, when you search … Continue reading Apple Pencil for the Non-Artist

Switching to the iPad

The Mobile Computer Blog has been showcasing the value and utility of the iPad (Pro) and encouraging people to use it in various areas of their lives. This blog post is covering a point that was implied in earlier posts, but not directly tackled. In essence, to really get the utmost value of the iPad … Continue reading Switching to the iPad