About MCB

The Mobile Computer Blog is on a mission to help you be more productive on the go. Today, we are blessed with an ever growing array of powerful gadgets, ranging from smartphones and tablets to smart watches. These are increasingly becoming our mostly used little mobile computers handling an incredible spectrum of tasks and utilities.

Many people use their devices mostly for social media, gaming, and communication. In this blog, however, the prime focus is on the productivity/utility side where the devices help you organize, create, produce, and contribute.

Instead of being too technical, blog posts will be covering topics on the actual usage of mobile computers for time management and productivity tasks related to your passions and your careers. In terms of specific devices, the blog will mostly cover topics related to the usage of the Apple iPad, Apple iPhone, and Apple Watch.

It is my hope that you will find the content useful in getting you closer to achieving your dreams and fulfilling your roles in life.