Apple Pencil for the Non-Artist

Some iPad owners I know are not completely sold on the idea of getting the Apple Pencil. When we have a discussion about it, they usually say that they don't need it because they are not drawing artists. This is an interesting argument that seems to be a common perception. In fact, when you search … Continue reading Apple Pencil for the Non-Artist

Reading.. Electronically!

What's more relaxing than reading a good book and enjoying a cup of coffee while being surrounded with natural beauty? In today's fast-paced world, our minds are constantly shifting between work matters, social media, the news, and other stimulants. To live a healthier and happier life, we are in dire need to slow down, relax, … Continue reading Reading.. Electronically!

The Ultimate Digital Notebook

The iPad has proven to be an excellent mobile computing device for its ability to substitute most traditional computer tasks in a more mobile form. In addition, the iPad is now an excellent note taking device that works very well as your ultimate digital notebook. # Introduction Here's a thought: instead of carrying around multiple … Continue reading The Ultimate Digital Notebook

Working with Two PDFs Simultaneously

Note: This post was published before Apple made it possible, in iPadOS 13, to open two windows of the same app side by side. MCB's friend, Issa from Qatar, asked about how one could view and annotate two PDF files side by side on an iPad Pro. Well, I would first like to touch on … Continue reading Working with Two PDFs Simultaneously