Slice of Life (1): Teaching with the iPad

Talking about technology, like mobile computing, can sometimes be too cold and technical; Product specifications, software features, updates, issues, etc. This is all valuable and useful, but what is eventually more important is how we use our devices, and what kind of practical/day-to-day routines and actions we get out of them. This article is the … Continue reading Slice of Life (1): Teaching with the iPad

Writing on the go

# Introduction Tablets in general, and the iPad specifically, are great mobile computing devices for two major categories of actions; Consumption/Entertainment, and Productivity/Value-Creating. If you've been on this blog before, you know that the focus is on the Productivity/Value-Creation side. One important channel of productivity is writing, whether in the form of hand-writing or typing. … Continue reading Writing on the go

iPad Limitations (and Solutions)

The Mobile Computer Blog mainly discusses the merits and advantages of the Apple iPad Pro. This includes its uses, applications, accessories, and solutions. However, it goes without saying that the iPad Pro, and tablets in general, are not perfect. This article discusses the iPad limitations and offers some suggested solutions. A) Foundation (philosophical!) Before delving … Continue reading iPad Limitations (and Solutions)

Working with Two PDFs Simultaneously

Note: This post was published before Apple made it possible, in iPadOS 13, to open two windows of the same app side by side. MCB's friend, Issa from Qatar, asked about how one could view and annotate two PDF files side by side on an iPad Pro. Well, I would first like to touch on … Continue reading Working with Two PDFs Simultaneously