My iPad Pro 10.5

Currently, my main mobile computer is the Apple iPad Pro 10.5. I’ve had the device for just a year now (since mid-2017), and it has earned a permenant place among my top gadgets of all time.

In this post, I’ll talk a bit about my main uses of the iPad. The idea is to showcase how useful the device has been to me and how versatile it is. More details about specific apps will be covered in future posts (a row list of recommend apps is given here)

In a nutshell, the iPad Pro 10.5 is my most used computer. It serves as my laptop replacement and main notebook. I do use an iMac (desktop computer) that plays the role of my main powerhub, but the iPad can handle at least 80% of the tasks I need to do overall, and virtually everything I need to do on the go. It is the only device (beside my iPhone) that I take with me while traveling for either work or leisure.

By profession, I’m a university faculty member. My main tasks are in the areas of research, higher education, and community service. As such, the iPad covers tasks related to reading (and annotating) scholarly articles, writing/reviewing papers, preparing for classes, class delivery, assignment grading, course management, report writing, and emailing.

For example, I prepare my classnotes on the iPad using DevonThink. That includes overall course planning in the semester, as well as individual class notes. In the classroom, I have all my slides on the iPad running on Apple Keynote. The iPad is connected to the projector using a VGA/HDMI cable. Since I prefer moving between my students in class, I use an Apple iPod Touch to remote control the slides on the iPad. For class notes, and in place of a traditional whiteboard, I use GoodNotes app on the iPad. In addition, the iPad could showcase websites on Safari or show images in Apple Photos. Beyond the classroom, the iPad is my main computer in class management and assignment grading.

Similarly, the iPad is essential in reading/annotating scholarly articles, analyzing qualitative data, writing/editing manuscripts, reviewing manuscripts, writing different kinds of reports, and emailing. The main apps used here are Papers, GoodNotes, Scrivener, Apple Pages, MS Word, Apple Mail, and MS Outlook.

What makes the iPad so essential in my workflow is that, beside the availability of suitable applications, it hits the sweet spot of mobility and ability. The screen size is just right, the battery life is perfect for more than a day, and it is well augmented with good accessories. You could carry the device easily wherever you go, and it works very well with the iPhone and the Mac.

Overall, I’m very happy with my iPad and I continue to explore the different ways it could help me to be more productive and to live a more fulfilling life.



3 thoughts on “My iPad Pro 10.5

  1. Thanks Hamad for the wonderful post.
    Is there anything that you would like the IPAD pro to have and it isn’t there? Is there an adaptor to read USB hard drives and memory sticks?
    Overall I think the IPAD pro 10.5 is perfect. Can’t wait till the next model to be out.
    Have you compared it to other devices like Samsung tab S4?

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    1. Welcome back Mazin

      The iPad is great, but like any other tool, it has its limitations. For one, it lacks a native USB drive reading ability (other than photo transfer). This is now more manageable with the Files app and other cloud solutions.

      Some third party solutions are provided, like SanDisk iXpand Sync, where you buy flash disk with lightening cable and use a particular software.

      As for the Samsung tab S4, I had looked at similar Samsung tabs before. They are decent and could be more suitable for Android fans, but I felt that they lag behind the iPad in terms of tablet-optimized applications and the (almost!) lag-free Apple Pencil. Even Google, with its Pixel Slate, is now using Chrome OS in place of Android for more serious mobile computing.


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