Too much for an iPad?

In the Mobile Computer Blog, I usually speak highly about mobile computing in general, and about the iPad Pro specifically. For me, the iPad (especially the iPad Pro 11") hits the sweet spot of mobility and ability, which makes it the best mobile computer today. However, I have previously alluded to the fact that the … Continue reading Too much for an iPad?

Got the iPad Pro 11″!

It's here! Apple's announcement of the iPad Pro 2018 was covered here at MCB, but no immediate plans were in place to purchase it! Despite convincing myself not to get a new one before the last one is at least two years old, my defenses couldn't hold on! So, what triggered the decision to buy … Continue reading Got the iPad Pro 11″!

Slice of Life (1): Teaching with the iPad

Talking about technology, like mobile computing, can sometimes be too cold and technical; Product specifications, software features, updates, issues, etc. This is all valuable and useful, but what is eventually more important is how we use our devices, and what kind of practical/day-to-day routines and actions we get out of them. This article is the … Continue reading Slice of Life (1): Teaching with the iPad

The Ultimate Digital Notebook

The iPad has proven to be an excellent mobile computing device for its ability to substitute most traditional computer tasks in a more mobile form. In addition, the iPad is now an excellent note taking device that works very well as your ultimate digital notebook. # Introduction Here's a thought: instead of carrying around multiple … Continue reading The Ultimate Digital Notebook

Your Tailor-Made iPad

Congratulations! You've got yourself a new iPad (Pro)! You're excited! You unbox it. You admire its craftsmanship.. And then it hits you! That question: "Now What?!" The answer is, of course, highly dependent on who you are and what your specific needs are. This article helps you in setting a course towards turning the iPad … Continue reading Your Tailor-Made iPad