iPadOS 13 Impressions

The wait is over!! iPadOS is here, opening the gates to the future! A future where the iPad is further branching away from iOS and establishing its position as a strong and viable computing platform. This post is not a full review of iPadOS (for that, checkout the Macstories review). Instead, this is where I … Continue reading iPadOS 13 Impressions

Managing the Notifications Flood!

Notifications! I suppose there is no dispute over the value of having notifications on our devices for providing reminders of important tasks, events, or updates. In this day and age, and with the multitude of duties and commitments we have, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of all that is important to us. … Continue reading Managing the Notifications Flood!

Too much for an iPad?

In the Mobile Computer Blog, I usually speak highly about mobile computing in general, and about the iPad Pro specifically. For me, the iPad (especially the iPad Pro 11") hits the sweet spot of mobility and ability, which makes it the best mobile computer today. However, I have previously alluded to the fact that the … Continue reading Too much for an iPad?

Got the iPad Pro 11″!

It's here! Apple's announcement of the iPad Pro 2018 was covered here at MCB, but no immediate plans were in place to purchase it! Despite convincing myself not to get a new one before the last one is at least two years old, my defenses couldn't hold on! So, what triggered the decision to buy … Continue reading Got the iPad Pro 11″!