Here we go..

Ok, here we are writing the first post of the Mobile Computer Blog (MCB)!

MCB is dedicated to mobile devices that are truly powerful mobile computers. I’ve been very interested in mobile devices for a long time. This interest has been covering different sorts of gadgets, starting from electronic organizers and feature cellular phones, through PDAs, smartphones, and tablets; and into smart watches.

What attracts me the most into this sort of devices is that they set you free!

You are not tied to desk working on a Mac/PC. You can take your work anywhere you go. You may move into different areas of your institution, be in different rooms at your home, work at a coffee shop, or even go the beach!

Due to its very nature, a mobile device sets you free. The screen is of a (relatively!) suitable size, the hardware is good, and the software is rich. These devices have been evolving at an accelerating rate, enabling their users to create, work, and be entertained in increasingly varied and advanced ways.

The blog will be covering different topics pertaining to mobile productivity, interesting applications, teaching/education, etc. Initially, the idea is to cover topics mainly related to the use of the Apple iPad, but also covering the iPhone, Apple Watch, and beyond.

It is my hope that the Mobile Computer Blog will grow to be a go-to reference for creators, entrepreneurs, and productive people looking for insights, solutions, and tips for being productive on the go.



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